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The furious Giraffe

Iti multumesc pentru extraordinara girafa de care sunt mai mult decat incantat :) !

Voi recomanda cu draga inima LUtOPIA oricui voi avea ocazia! Cat despre proces, a fost o poveste luuuuunga si o pacaleala imensa ca sa ma convinga colegii de birou sa desenez o girafa - fara sa imi dea de banuit... S-au descurcat admirabil, ce pot sa zic, iar surpriza a fost pe masura :) Nu mi-am imaginat pana in ultimul moment asa ceva...

Toate cele bune,


Thank you very much for the extraordinary giraffe that I totally love :)
I will warmly recommend LUtOPIA to my friends. As for how all this happened, it started with a looong story of my office-colleagues trying to fool me to draw a giraffe without letting me know what it's all about...They did a very good job, I must say, and the surprise was even greater :) I couldn't have imagined something like this till the last moment...


That's me, The Furious Giraffe - tired after the photo-shooting, as I was just a drawing on sketch paper

me, as I was just eyeless skin
here I was getting my new eyebrows fixed

my shoes :)

preparing to meet my new friend, Vladimir!
Hey, look! that's my shadow!

it seems that LUtOPIA just passed the basic test for admission in the 2.0 generation, 
I managed to generate a QR code :)))


kids are fascinating beings

My Favourite Animal (5 min. version) from Lara Lee on Vimeo.
Different children are heard describing their favourite animal, and I then draw it according to what they say, so that the creature "grows itself" in a completely unexpected way. I have interviewed 6 children and finished four animations so far. Only 3 animations are in the video linked here, so as not to be longer than 5 minutes.


by tOm : 3,11 ani / éves / years / Jahre
Actually, he can hypnotize you with his wooden eyes

..confirmed by Ana Rusu, the happy owner,
who sent in these nice photos!
      merci Ana :)

...don't know if you heard about it, but tOM went through the experience of chickenpox. Well, check out the result : )

...and he called his drawing: "Mukapuka with glasses and chickenpox (sores)"
3,10 ani / éves / years / Jahre

Lu: sketching for ideas

a very intimate secret:
he likes being caressed under his chin ;)

toys and joys

                   hopefully, on the day that Ábris starts playing with knives and axes 
                   around the house ... his parents won't blame it on me! :))

a priceless gift

A unique, hand-made gift for Ábris, (born on 22.V.2011) 
from Meli &Levi, with love!

For inspiration, they sent in a drawing made by the father of Ábris (as he was a child)..

happy father: the weapons also arrived!

12:04 Breaking news from London!

we received evidence that the He-dragon has an extra-marital affair! 
..thank you Oana for sending this in. The truth had to come to life, eventually. ;)
Today, I need to tell you a secret: like so many of you, I've also been trying for many years to find a shortcut to happiness. Looked almost everywhere (except some dark corners where others searched before and i simply trusted their advice not to try - as they came back with dark circles around their eyes ;)
In order to please Murphy or some mischievous guardian angel, I found happiness, when I stopped searching. I found it as I started sewing smiles on my friends' faces, as each one of these little Lutopians came to life.
Today, a completely unknown person wrote so nicely about my work on his blog, that I also ended up with a smile drawn on my face. :)
Can you imagine a world in which all toys would look as im-perfect, un-pimped and un-sexy as your childhood drawings? Would we have grown up with less pressure to look and be something else that ourselves? he asks himself

Mukapuka with glasses and chickenpox sores :) I mentioned already on our up-to-date facebook page, tOM went through the experience of chickenpox in the last weeks. 
Well, this is one of the results : ) "Mukapuka with glasses and chickenpox (sores)"
Lovely, isn't it?

3,10 years / ani / éves / Jahre