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Online Charity Auction*

Dear friends,

Out of our creative collaboration with the owners of the deScris Penshop in Cluj, five Lutopians were born, and they have been decorating their shopwindow after the opening. 

Now that the lutopians are looking for a new home, You are invited to participate in our Online Charity Auction* so that you can make a Unique, Hand-Made Christmas gift for someone you love. (They will also receive a copy of the original drawing).

The auction is taking place between 6 - 16th december 2012, so that the package can be delivered right under your Christmas tree.

*THE DONATION WILL BE DIRECTED 100% into the account of the Little People Association in Ro, which, since 1995, is making efforts to create a better life for the children who fight against cancer. 

ps: please share this with your friends!