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for EMMA, Bon Iver

Dedicated to our dearest Emma, tOM's sister, born at 9:30 this morning!

Welcome into this world, hopefully we can make it better together :)

ta tada tada dadadaaaa dadadaaaaaa tadada

Lovestory on Valentine's Day

‎Let me start from the beginning:
tOM's mummy has a very small person inside her who can't wait to meet her brother who adores her, already :) 
He just placed his first order on LUtOPIA, heart breaking pure love!

ps: I NEVER imagined that I will get emotional on valentines day ♥ ;))

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RIP Mike Kelley !

I just found out that one of LUtOPIA's most disturbing and powerful sources of inspiration died yesterday...

Beware, not all of his works are appropriate for children.

Here you can find more about him on the Wikipedia page.

Mike Kelley | 1954-2012

Mike Kelley | 1954-2012

( Carol Cheetham / For The Times )

Mike Kelley | 1954-2012
( Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times )
"Citris and White"