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...what I've been up to / january 2011 update

Hello dear friends,

In the past few weeks I have been working on building up this little project of mine that I wanted to tell you about... 

--> creating an archive of Tom's drawings (173 drawings till now) 
--> opening an online shop on Etsy (US), Breslo (RO) and Dawanda (EU)
--> setting up a neat email address called:
--> and building real website for LUtOPIA!

Yes! I am building a website for LUtOPIA. There. I said it. Even though it is still in construction and I should keep it a secret :) Really, it's amazing what people do when they are motivated... now I am busy deciphering Html/Css programming.

With the help of some generous friends, LUtOPIA was able to buy a domain name, get server space and some nice tools to continue producing the softies. 

Thank you Tibi B., Zoli L., Sandra S.

Of course, I will keep running this blog that makes me so happy because it brings you joy!
(now it also has a beautiful clean URL :

And finally, I want to thank you, dear readers,  because none of this would have existed without your appreciation and  encouraging messages.

Thank you.

bungeee case you were wondering what is he up to when he's not drawing, 
tOM is into serious stuff - bungee jumping, of course ! :)

My new 4 year old friend, Aris, made this drawing for me. 

How could I not turn it into the best Christmas gift ever? (at least that's what he told his mother :))


This is one of my all-time favorites

"Thomas is crying" 2,11 years / ani / éves / Jahre


..she was sad while sewing tears on his face..

Luckily he will find a warm hug in Canada :)