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Last night, we were blessed

...with the most honest, heart-melting feedback on our work that I could ever dream of: right as we finished the last details on the shopwindow design, a 4 year old child passed by on his three wheeled blue bike. 

After a heel-brake, he left his "horse" right in front, rushed inside, opened the glass door and tried to grab some of the objects we made. An embarrased father rushed in, grabbed him out and left us all floating in angel dust clouds :))

foto: D.Centea — with Apai Emese and Krisztina Tímár at deScris Penshop. Cluj, str. Universitatii nr.1.

the White Nest

Drum roll, please! We are glad to announce that we're working on a Surprise Project - quite important to us because it's all about Lutopians flying out of their nest for the first time...directly into a shopwindow :) 

Also, we consider this to be tOM's first solo exhibition, on which we had the pleasure to collaborate with the talented Emese Apai: her calm nature and her tailoring skills have been especially helpful these days!

 ..many thanks go to her dog, Buksi, who wiped our floors clean every evening :)

our design concept for the shopping window: 
celebrating children's creativity even more than the new school season!