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Today, I need to tell you a secret: like so many of you, I've also been trying for many years to find a shortcut to happiness. Looked almost everywhere (except some dark corners where others searched before and i simply trusted their advice not to try - as they came back with dark circles around their eyes ;)
In order to please Murphy or some mischievous guardian angel, I found happiness, when I stopped searching. I found it as I started sewing smiles on my friends' faces, as each one of these little Lutopians came to life.
Today, a completely unknown person wrote so nicely about my work on his blog, that I also ended up with a smile drawn on my face. :)
Can you imagine a world in which all toys would look as im-perfect, un-pimped and un-sexy as your childhood drawings? Would we have grown up with less pressure to look and be something else that ourselves? he asks himself