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Q. Are these drawings really made by a 3 year old child?
A. Yes they are, and I also think he is a talented observer of life. 
(and I am really grateful for my sister, Renata, who lovingly collects and dates all his drawings, just like our daddy used to do with ours...)

Q. What means 30 + 2?
A. The Tbird, the first softie that inspired me to build LUtOPIA as I was 30 years old, was drawn by Tom as he was only 2 :)

Q. How do you decide on the names for the softies?
A. Tom names (almost all of) his drawings himself!

Q. Are you selling your creations and how much does it cost to buy one?
A. Update: This started as a hobby for me - discovering the pure joy of playing Gepetto :)

But, you know how it is, Life always seems to know it better: the word spread fast (especially after Radio Guerilla talking so nice about us) and lots of people sent in wonderful drawings asking for custom-made softies. So here I am, feeling like this relationship might get very serious -  because I simply can't refuse a new LUtOPIAN who wants to come to life!

So please don't hesitate to write if you have any queries or ideas.
Q. What do you do for a living?
A. Actually, I am working as an architect, while Tom still has his Sugar mama + Sugar daddy, who pay his bills :)

Q. What are the toys made of?
A. I am re-using a wide range of clean, natural fabrics that include wool, silk, cotton, viscose, etc. The softies are stuffed with 100% polyester fiberfill-balls (actually, this is one of my favorite German words, Klimafaserkügelchen :).

Q. How big are the softies?
A. The sizes differ, especially because my work depends on the format of the fabrics that i recycle. Most of the times I use woolen pullovers that shrank after being washed too hot :))

(this obviously made my friends happy - I received a couple of cosy shrunk cashmere pullies for my project. do you also have one ? )

Q. Wouldn't it be easier to simply use new fabrics?
A. It probably would, but searching through my collection and matching colors and textures is so much more fun than shopping! And I believe in buying less and recycling more...and in Less is More :)

Q. Would you call your work ‘Eco' ?
A. Well as far as I see it, using second-hand (recycled/reclaimed) fabrics is the friendliest option for the environment. Thus, the natural resources used for the production of our Lutoys are actually reduced to zero, and the fabrics are saved from becoming landfill.

thank you all for encouraging me to follow this dream,

Klara Veer

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