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...what I've been up to / january 2011 update

Hello dear friends,

In the past few weeks I have been working on building up this little project of mine that I wanted to tell you about... 

--> creating an archive of Tom's drawings (173 drawings till now) 
--> opening an online shop on Etsy (US), Breslo (RO) and Dawanda (EU)
--> setting up a neat email address called:
--> and building real website for LUtOPIA!

Yes! I am building a website for LUtOPIA. There. I said it. Even though it is still in construction and I should keep it a secret :) Really, it's amazing what people do when they are motivated... now I am busy deciphering Html/Css programming.

With the help of some generous friends, LUtOPIA was able to buy a domain name, get server space and some nice tools to continue producing the softies. 

Thank you Tibi B., Zoli L., Sandra S.

Of course, I will keep running this blog that makes me so happy because it brings you joy!
(now it also has a beautiful clean URL :

And finally, I want to thank you, dear readers,  because none of this would have existed without your appreciation and  encouraging messages.

Thank you.

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