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Last night, we were blessed

...with the most honest, heart-melting feedback on our work that I could ever dream of: right as we finished the last details on the shopwindow design, a 4 year old child passed by on his three wheeled blue bike. 

After a heel-brake, he left his "horse" right in front, rushed inside, opened the glass door and tried to grab some of the objects we made. An embarrased father rushed in, grabbed him out and left us all floating in angel dust clouds :))

foto: D.Centea — with Apai Emese and Krisztina Tímár at deScris Penshop. Cluj, str. Universitatii nr.1.


  1. By any chance did you give this young admirer a small box of wax crayons as a present?!? Congratulations on your work! Lovely piece of art!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Meredith!
    By any chance, are you a relative of the brave young fellow, or how come that you know he got this present?

    In any case, please say "hi!" from us, he has been on our minds all this time :)

  3. The embarrased fatherDec 10, 2012, 1:52:00 PM

    David never forgot what he saw in the mirror and since then he is always coming back for checking what's new. Last week during the winter decoration he was again there and wanted to get in, but on the door was written that it is closed. Now, after I've read this post I'm pretty sorry for not letting him do that :D

  4. Hehe! I knew it!!! I am the proud mother! He is very fond of the "little shop" as he calls it! We also have a role play game in which i sell pens and crayons and he buys them :)To tell you the truth, I spent like 10 minutes myself to compare the Lutopians with the drawings and admire them! ;)